15 Amazing Facts About Indonesia

If you are travelling to Indonesia, you will want to learn more about what the nation offers, and how you can best use your time whilst you are there. So, to help you with these goals, here are 15 amazing facts about Indonesia, including it’s globally leading population, volcano and demographic records.


  • Indonesia is formally known as the Republic of Indonesia.


  • The nation of Indonesia has a diverse ethnic population, including approximately 300 distinctive native ethnic sections and more than 740 different dialects and languages spoken throughout the chain of islands.


  • Indonesia is located in the Malay Archipelago which stretches approximately 5,150 km’s from West to East, and lies between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The archipelago has more than 17,500 islands, of which just over a third, 6000, are populated. In terms of size, the biggest of those islands are Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan (also known as Indonesian Borneo), Sulawesi, and Papua, which is part of New Guinea but controlled by Indonesia.


  • Indonesia sits on what is known as the Pacific Rim “Ring of Fire”. As such, there are more than 400 volcanoes, and 150 of those are ‘active volcanoes’. This staggering number makes up approximately 75% of all this planets’ active volcanoes!

15 Amazing Facts About Indonesia - Volcanoes


  • There are approximately 270.2 million people residing in Indonesia according to a census taken in 2020. This makes it the 4th most populated nation on the planet.


  • The biggest city of Indonesia is also the capital, and is called Jakarta. Jakarta is situated on the island of Java. According to the census, Jakarta has a population of 10,562,088, which makes it the ninth largest city in the World.


  • The island of Java has approximately 56% of the nations’ population (which is about 130 million people). This island where there are around 1067 people per square kilometre, is the most populated island in the World!.


  • Indonesia has common borders with East Timor, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. In addition, it is bordered to the South by Australia, and has, among others the Philippines to the North.


  • The nation, with it’s many peaks, has numerous lofty locations, the highest of which is Puncak Jaya, which can be found on Papua and has a height of 16024 feet above sea level.


  • Indonesia has a tropical climate, this means that it’s wilderness has a biodiversity that is one of the most diverse on the planet. Some of the species found there include: Elephants, Komodo dragons, Orangutans, Leopards, and Javan Rhinoceros’. These rare and beautiful species are usually found in the tropical rain forests that are scattered throughout the country.


  • The economy of Indonesia is focused on agriculture and also oil. This industry engages around 90% of the population as part of it’s massive workforce.


  • Buying or Selling? Then you’ll need the local currency, known as the Rupiah.


  • When it comes to culinary delights, there is a blend throughout the nation of Chinese, European, Middle Eastern, and Indian cultural insertions. However, you won’t find each represented in every area, the cuisine of Indonesia has tremendous variety, and will differ in each area of the vast nation. As with most Asian food, staple meals often include rice, with the addition of Chicken, Coconut Milk, Fish, Vegetables, and a generous inclusion of spices!


  • Indonesians avid and passionate players of the sport of badminton. Their passion for the sport has brought tremendous success, with Gold Medals at the Olympics. If racquet games are not your love, Football, or Soccer, is also very popular in Indonesia despite the hot climate.




For those involved in business in Asia, Indonesia offers a vast market. It’s 270 million people are a field that any business would like to market to. So, we hope that these 15 amazing facts about Indonesia will encourage you to consider doing business in the vibrant and diverse nation.

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